fredag 5. juni 2009

Summer summer summer!

Ok, So I have established that I'm not a blogger... But I'll update whenever I think of it. Summer started 20 of May, and since that I've been drinking, playing xbox and writing more on my book... I'm kind of hoping to get a lot of it done during the summer break... So My apologies to, well no one as I know for a fact no one's reading... But I'm probably not going to write more for a long time anyways.. I just felt like I had to write a finishing statement:P

fredag 20. mars 2009

My kitten is missing !

My Savy baby is gone and I'm so very sad I don't think I can do anything. Can't sleep, can't eat, can't concentrate... That little cat stole my heart from the first time she came into the my life and I love her so much, she really is my little baby girl. 

So sad though, that she just is gone and there is no way I can find her. I'm in Norway with my mum now, which I love cause I don't really get to see her that often, but I wish I could be two places at once.... Cause I should be looking for my baby too!

Here's a picture of the little beauty!
~ Princess Savy Mysterio ~ 
Adorable isn't she??

søndag 19. oktober 2008

Starting a new blog, but not leaving this one XD

I have a school project on so have to start a new blog and I might win an ipod XD
I'll put the adress up after the assignment is done, cause.. Have to keep my identity secret! Mwahaha!

Miss Norway, miss my friends.. Does anyone want to come over to Ireland and have a mad night out? The good news is that my mum is coming over in three weeks! I have to show her around and let her see Ireland, she's never been to Ireland before.

Might not be going on an interrail since Egypt is seeming more and more like the place for me. But that's too early to tell allready. I'll find out more about that later. When I do I'll tell you all.
Even though I don't really think anyone reads this. I just write this for fun, and well.. So someone can read it, sometimes...

Ah well, no other news really. Nothing special to talk about so I guess this will be all I'll write for now. I'll keep you up to date.

Love from Ireland!!!

torsdag 9. oktober 2008

A lot has happened...

A lot has happened during the last weeks.. So I haven't really gotten to write anything.. I like my friends^^ Freshers week was class. "You would play loud music too if you were getting a lapdance at 3 in the morning" XD Class...

Ah I've gotten great friends at school, and school is a lot better with those guys around^^ It's actually fun, it's not just the smyther and the icequeen XD XD

School is weird, but it's good^^ Freshers week really was class.. Quick summarize:
Monday: Party on the green - yay for drinking vodka in class XD
Blackout party to dance again, but had migraine and a big fight started so it finished at twelve:(

Tuesday: Karaoke contest - Dylan made me sing Oo But he ended up winning the whole thing so couldn't be angry with him:P Enden at twelve, but we weren't ready to go home at that time XD
Q bar - Cheering for our teachers and school, dancing like crazy, ended at 02.30
Home at Dylans place - Watching funny youtube videos and drinking is the greates thing ever XD Didn't go to bed till 6 o'clock and had to get up at 8 to go to school XD Hah, Dylan had a hangover!

Wednesday: Freshers ball - Finally the big one! XD A great time, dancing and drinking... Ended at 2.30, after I'd been groped by way too many guys anyways XD Hah weird turkish dancer guy, WE LOVE YOU!
Dylans place - Youtube again XD Drinkin till 6.30 in the morning:P Dylan shotting rum:P Couldn't get up for school thrusday, But it was deffo worth it!!!!

Thursday: Freshers week was over, but we weren't done with the drinkin! So me and Dyl went out... And ended up in this gay bar which was one of the greatest experiences either.. So there we were... 2 Straight people dancing in a gay bar, best thinever... I could dance freely without anyone staring or touchin or whatever... Was worse for Dyl tho XD So we were drinkin there till.. I have no idea when and then.. Back to Dylans place again for youtube and vodka XD XD

Ah yeah so that was that week.. This week has been a little more calmer, if you look away from the fact of Dylan giving out free beer to random students in our college to celebrate him becoming class rep (El presidente) XD Actually it was the beer he won at the karaoke contest, but never went and got that XD

Ah yeah... Good times at gcd XD

søndag 21. september 2008

First week at school and more

I was supposed to write this last sunday, but haven#t really gotten the time:P We went to the Nickleback consert last Saturday. And it was the. best. consert. ever! I loved it. I think I lost like 3 kilos just jumping and screaming for those hours. It was so great. The crowd went wild from the moment they came on stage and they didn't calm down before the light were turned on again. The explotions deafened me for almost a day and my voice was absolutly ruined!
I have never been to a consert like that and it was great! I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The drummer played this fantastic solo in the middle of the show. I've never seen or heard anything like it. It was so great! As the only girl in the group there was some risk of being crushed under my friends feet, but if anyone hit me or jumped intome I didn't even notice. The best part for me was when they played my favourite song in the end, Figured you out! I went crazy! They went of stage without playing rockstar or figured you out. But the crowd wouldn't leave before they came back and played Rockstar so we got the encore of a life time! It was so great!

I started school monday the 15'th and it was so scary! The first day I didn't meet anyone or do anything. It was just the induction. But the day afterIgot to know somegirls from Dublin and some Norwegian girls. One of them I got to know better than the rest, so I finally had someone to hang with XD So through the next day I hung with her. And on Thursday we had our treasure hunt. During this I was in a group with my new Norwegian friend, a french girl that I got to know really well, a boy from Dublin that I also got to know really well and that told me I can stay in his spare bedroom for freshers week (yay!) and a german boy that I didn't really get to know. Friday we found out that we won the treasure hunt! We were the greatest group ever XD Our reward for winning was that each of us got a gift sertificate for HMV^^ I'm so buying a cd or something next week. On Friday we also got to meet the media faculty, and I found out I was in the wrong group so I had to fix that. I was in ordinary journalism when I'm supposed to be in honours cause I have the grades for it. So I had to get all that fixed, and now I have to get a new student card. School starts properly on monday, I can't wait XD
Saturday I went with Darren to Tullamore and met his friends and his girlfriend. It was a crazy day and alot of pictures were taken. And the weather was sooo great! It was a nice day. And when I got back Lisa and Ian were done moving in, so now I'm not alone in the house anymore. I'll try to be better to keep you updated about what's happening over here in Ireland from now on. But I guess It's time for me to end this blog now, before it becomes too long. I miss all my friends in Norway. And my mum and stephfather too! Right now I'm also missing Mark since he got a job offshore in Norway and will be gone for two more weeks. I'll talk to you later!

mandag 8. september 2008

Moved in, but still stressing

I won't put out any pictures of the house here yet, but you can find them on my bebo account. They'll soon be put up at facebook too. I've been stressing about school and loans and everything for the last week, and things are first coming together now. Hehe, the worst part was leaving my mother. I miss her so much:( The house is great and I love Ireland, but I really miss my mum.

The people over here are so friendly, and in two days I'm going into Dublin to find my school. And while I'm there I'm going to talk to the international assistant so that I canfind out how to get a visa and everything. Soon I'll actually be able to calmdown.

Watched wrestling till five o'clock in the morning. It was great,Matt Hardy won the belt^^ But so did Jericho, and he so didn't deserve it cause HBK had just beaten him half to death for hitting his wife. It was soo much fun. I love wrestling.

Well time to go now. I'll putout pictures as soon as possible

Miss mammy

I miss my mother! :(